Becca's Story

From the simplest of projects, to the most detailed, Becca puts all her love and energy into designing and crafting each unique piece for her customers.

Hi, I'm Rebecca!

This award-winning mother of four has her hands literally and figuratively full 24/7! Becca is actively involved in her community and church. A woman of faith and love, she brings that joy and inspiration into each piece she creates.

Crafting with Purpose

Her heart lies in giving with a purpose and she brings that into her business—custom tailoring each piece of art with her client in mind. From the smallest animal to the largest afghan, she loves what she does and it shows.

Self-Taught Success

Becca is a self-taught woman of success. She first started dabbling in crochet while being bedridden during pregnancy. She took one uncomfortable situation and put heart and purpose into it—perfecting her trade that she has now turned into a full business.

Family is Her Strength

She resides in the Central Valley with the love of her life and four amazing children. They are her daily inspiration, strength and even quality control—helping her ensure all products meet the standards she strives for in her business.